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About Cabin Style House Plans

Cabin house plans are 1 bedroom, single storey and typically small vacation homes.

Cabin plans are usually 1 bedroom and modern homes. Sometimes larger 2 bedroom cabin plans are preferred.

Whether you’re looking for a simple retreat, a modern style cabin or a large 2 bedroom cabin home, Tri Point Homes cabin floor plans will meet your needs.

Cabin floor plans are often referred to as “cabin house floor plans” or “cabin house plans”.

Cabin homes are typically rustic and in harmony with nature. However, they are perfect homes for forest, mountain and seaside areas.

We have created all the cabin plans for you in different sizes and styles. You can also request a quote while the cabin plans are being built.

Best Cabin House Plans

Cabin floor plans are small living spaces. They emphasise outdoor living with verandas and open kitchens. The biggest advantage of a manufactured cabin home is that it fits anywhere.

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Cabin House Plans #1

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This cabin style home is perfect for country living. The covered porch creates a quiet space for outdoor living.

The cabin’s bathroom and toilet have a two-in-one function. This floor plan has been carefully designed to be used by your guests.

The dining bar and dining room overlook the main living area. Large windows add to the spaciousness.

House Plan Details

Floor Plan Details

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