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Why modular houses are better?

There are many reasons why a house built with the Manufactured System is a better house.

  1. Modular homes use 40% more wood than standard homes. This makes modular homes stronger and more durable (see FEMA report after Hurricane Andrew).
  2. Manufactured homes have twice the wall insulation of typical timber homes. This allows the home to save more energy.
  3. A new modular home can be built on a lot in half the time of a standard home.
  4. “SUPERCODE”-approved modular homes allow you to place them in any state without making any changes to the land.
  5. The Modular and Manufactured Home is built entirely indoors in a controlled climate with no rain or snow to damage the floor and timbers.
  6. Tri Pointe Homes modular homes use specialised products such as 4×11 OSB. This reduces waste and keeps costs down.
  7. We can also use special construction techniques in modular homes to make your home safer, stronger and more energy efficient.

Do Manufactured and Modular System Built Homes Appreciate?

Modular homes appreciate like other homes in your neighbourhood.

However, manufactured home buyers typically experience a special, immediate “off-lot” appreciation of 15% to 35% (when their new home is completed).

Each year thereafter, the home continues to appreciate at a rate of 5%, similar to other homes in the same area.

How long does it take to build a modular home?

Modular system construction Homes can be built in an average of 5 months. This is faster than a new standard home.

A Modular System Home is actually manufactured in the factory in a timeframe of 2 or 3 weeks. On top of that, the assembly time on site is only 1 to 3 days.

However, this is only part of the installation. The total time for a manufactured home can vary depending on whether you want all parts of the construction done (turnkey) or part of the construction done as you wish.

As you can see from these times, some projects are completed in just over 2 months. Normally the pre-construction phase is 1 month and the standard construction phase is 3 months.

Modular Houses Energy Efficient

Manufactured modular homes offer energy efficiency compared to other construction methods.

This is due to the insulation of the houses.
More insulation, thicker walls and special products are used.

Modular homes use lots of wood beams, foam sealed drywall, high quality thermopane windows and high quality doors.

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