A modular home is built in a factory and then carried in sections by special trucks to a building site where it is put together by a local builder.

Difference of Manufactured or Modular Homes

Cutting edge building technology allows modular manufacturers to build any style of home from a simple 1,000 square foot ranch to a highly customized 6,000 square foot contemporary.

Modular Homes are constructed to the same state and local building codes and are subject to the same zoning regulations as site-built homes.

In contrast, Manufactured Homes comply with the Federal Construction Safety Standards Act (HUD/CODE), which requires homes to be constructed on a non-removable steel chassis.

Many communities have restrictions on where manufactured homes can be located.

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Are Modular or Manufactured houses better?

When you add up all the labour, material and time savings inherent in the modular construction process, you’ll find that the price of a modular home is often lower than a manufactured home of similar size.

Plus, you will keep saving money year after year as your energy-efficient home keeps your heating and cooling bills low.

Do you know why modular homes are built better than manufactured homes?

#1. Modular houses offer value for money

Modular homes are built in factories, and benefit from the assembly line production process. The factories buy huge quantities of lumber, sheet rock, carpet, paint, etc., they pay much less for each and can have large quantities delivered at one time. Labor is used with maximum efficiency, with skilled craftsman moving between workstations on the factory floor.

What is a Modular Home?
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#2. Modular houses are high quality

Modular homes are built in a modern controlled environment, and they are precision engineered for a lifetime of trouble-free structural durability. Quality control is maintained by constant inspection throughout the construction process.

To insure a safe and secure trip to your property, modular homes are built especially well, using high quality materials.

For example, there is typically 20% to 30% more lumber used in framing your home and most factories glue as well as nail or screw the components of the home together.

#3. Modular homes are peaceful

Factory-built houses come at a guaranteed price, without cost overruns. When you buy modular home, you get your finished house product ready for installation.

Modular houses are built in controlled environments under the factory roof and are shipped in weather-proofed wrapping.

Often times you don’t really know what quality you’re getting with a site-built house. Modular homes are thoroughly checked out before they leave the factories. A quality control process provides 100% assurance that your home has been inspected for code compliance and workmanship.

In-plant inspectors as well as independent inspection agencies inspect the home on behalf of your state & local government.

#4. Modular houses are built quickly

On the average, a modular home consisting of two sections will be built in the factory within a couple of weeks. Once your home is placed on its foundation, final completion takes two or three weeks.

This schedule allows you to move more quickly, and knowing when you’re new modular home will be ready helps you plan your move better.

As site preparation work differs for each property, you should contact your local builder for a more exact schedule for your home.

#5. Lower modular home ownership costs

Modular homes are built in a modern controlled environment using high quality materials. They are precision engineered for a lifetime of trouble-free structural durability. A well-built modular house is a home that is easier and less costly to maintain.

#6. Energy efficient Modular Houses

Additional factory insulation and precision construction techniques make the modular house a super-efficient, energy-saving home. And, of course, these cost savings continue every year you live in the house.

#7. Design your own dream modular house

Modular home manufacturers have many different design plans for you to choose from. You can even design your own house and the factory engineers will work with your builder to bring it to a reality.

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