Determine the size of your new home. Deciding upon the size of your new home may rely on a few different factors.

Cost may be a determining factor for some, while lot size is a limiter for others.

If cost is an issue, you can visit the National Association of Home Builders website and use their cost estimators. These allow users to estimate the cost per foot of a particular type of home.

Compose this list before reviewing home plans

Make a shopping list. It is crucial to review the features that you require in your new home.

Create this list before you review the house plans. You can always eliminate this list later.

It is easier to remove items than to include them after the plans are purchased.

House plans to meet your needs

How will you live? It may seem odd to ask this question, but it is important to consider your lifestyle when determining the home plans that meet your needs.

For example, a family with children may want at least one room separate from the formal living room where the children can have a play area or television.

A homeowner with elderly parents may need to provide living space for those parents in the future. A bedroom or guest suite on the first floor may be something to consider when searching for the perfect home plans.


Tri Point Ranch House Plan and Floor Plans
Tri Point Homes

Choosing the right lot for the new house plans

The size, landscape and terrain of the lot on which you will build your home all factor into the decision of what plans will work for your needs.

If you are functioning in reverse on this one, you will need to select the lot based upon the requirements of the house.

There are advantages to both methods, but you should try to make sure that the house and lot complement each other well.

These recommended topics to follow in the selection of the perfect home design plans are of considerable importance. Choose your home plans carefully, as they will be the foundation on which your future will eventually be built.

New Home Budgeting

On average nationally, a set of home plans will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $700 – $2500. Depending on the designer, some house plans will cost more.

Some new house plans will cost less if they can be mass produced and are popular sellers.

Consider in budgeting the cost of home plans whether you are allowed to duplicate the house plans for your contractors.

You may also need a copy of a house plan for the building inspector or zoning review board. If the company from which you purchase your home provides non-reproducible plans in singular, you may need to purchase up to five additional sets of plans. 

Be sure to ask this question when reviewing possible new house plans for your dream home.

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