Choice of house plans

People ask if the house plans are supplied with a list of materials.

Some builders have material lists for their plans and some don’t. If they do, it is only an estimate of what will be needed. Often, during the building process, homeowners make changes to the materials used.

The material lists are an extra cost on top of the house plans and are often not needed.

All the builders’ merchants where you would buy your framing and truss packages etc. will work out what materials you need by looking at your house plans. There is almost never a charge for this. Again, ask your local professionals. It is part of their job.

That’s why most people order at least two sets of plans so they can give them to subcontractors (plumbers, HVAC, electricians, framers, etc.) to figure out what materials they’ll need for the job. A materials list can sometimes be helpful, but is not essential.



Most of our house plans can be reversed. Again, the fee varies from designer to designer. Be aware that some local building authorities may not accept a mirrored version of the house plan.


Modification of your choice of house plans

Many builders do modifications to their house plans, garage plans, floor plans, and multi-family plans. If there are changes you would like done to the plan you choose you basically have 3 options.

Ask if the designer will make modifications to the floor plans and what they charge.

You can buy reproducible vellum or a CAD version of the house plans.

You can get a designer in your area to make changes to the plans.


Two-Story House Plans
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Final Notes About Our House Plans

If you are planning to build a new home, you probably have a good idea of the type of home you would like to build, but spend some time on the Tri-Point Homes website and view the homes that meet your specifications.

You can print out floor plans and elevations to take to your builder or to your site to make sure they work for you.

If you order a plan it will usually be despatched the next day unless you have made changes.

Modifications usually take up to 2 weeks to complete. I hope this information has been helpful.

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