Rust Proofing Area in Garages

Garages are used for protect and storing cars, yard equipment, and other necessities that you may want to keep around the house.

Garages come in many shapes and sizes and can be attached or detached to the house. Detached garages are becoming quite common again. Garages often have special areas for the protection of vehicles from rust.

Here are some of the more common types of garage plans with space that can be a protection against rust:

1. Rear Garage: House plans with a garage at the rear of the house regardless of the door location.

2. Tandem Garage: House plans with one garage, most often used for homes built on narrow lots where an oversized garage is still wanted.

3. Oversized Garage: House plans with any garage that is larger than the normal 2 car type.

4. Detached Garage: House plans with a garage that is not connected to the house, regardless of its location.

5. Under Garage: House plans with a garage that is well suited to homes built on sloping lots.


Vehicle Rust Proofing

It is never “too late” to protect your vehicle. Thanks to its rust sealing, it can help stop existing rust on contact. Woolwax underbody coating can save costly repairs to brake lines, rocker panels, springs and rusting frames.

Help protect your vehicles from rust and corrosion by using our experience in automotive, heavy truck and trailer body and chassis coatings.

Not just for winter protection! Salts and fertilizer residue will stick in all those hidden areas on your car or truck all year long.

Summer rains will re-activate those chemicals and really corrode during the summer months. Get year-round protection from “Those rust stop company!”.

The destructive force of corrosion is the single greatest threat to your vehicle.

Constant exposure to a wide range of elements such as sun, rain, wind and snow can lead to rapid deterioration of metal, not only resulting in poor appearance and loss of value, but hazardous safety issues as well.

Road salt, brine and debris also kick up and cling to vehicle under-bodies, eating away at metal, electrical connections, hydraulic lines and fuel lines!


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How does rustproofing work?

Rust proofing protects all undercarriage metals by creating a non-drying barrier that seals out moisture and air.

With the barrier in place, existing rust will be stopped on contact, and new rust and corrosion cannot develop. Our process penetrates to the base metal, remaining active and migrating to inaccessible areas.

WOOLWAX provides long term protection from the corrosive effects of salts, calcium chloride, moisture and fertilizers.

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Popular Vehicle Protection Methods

The automobile rustproofing helps stop and prevent your vehicles from rusting.

  1. Non-Toxic, solvent free and safe for all automotive finishes.
  2. Helps prevent rust from forming.
  3. Helps stop existing rust and corrosion from spreading.
  4. Will not trap water underneath it.
  5. It is not a sprayed in “liner” coating.
  6. It will not scratch off or trap water.

Protect, seal, and rustproof your frame, pinch-seams and wheel-arches with a self-healing powerful rust-inhibitor.

If you’re looking for rustproofing near me, please call Dakota Rustproofing.

Costs and Pricing for Rustproofing

Prices include some surface prep of the vehicle if needed. Heavy deposits of mud / snow and scale may be cleaned by our facility and there will be a fee applied. We may refuse dirty vehicles due to time constraints. You will be able to reschedule at a later date when it’s cleaned up a bit. 

We treat the entire underside of the vehicle. Including inside frame rails, rocker panels, cab corners, inside tailgates, hoods, inside of all doors, truck bed layers, brake line and fuel line areas along frame rails, gas filler tubes, above gas tanks,all wheel wells, quarter panels and fenders. We even protect battery terminals, door latches and hinges. Cavities such as rockers, cab corners and door areas should remain protected for years.

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